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Voices in Your Ear

Voices in MY Ear…

“You should write a book.”

“I really enjoy your emails.”  

“This post spoke LIFE into me.”

These were the voices of you, my audience members.


“You can’t write a book.”

“People don’t really care for what you have to say.”

“No one will buy it.”

These were the voices of self-doubt and the enemy.


For a while I listened to the negative discouraging voices.

I put it off.

I distracted myself with other things.

I started to believe, “no, not me.”

But then.

In my quiet moments, I would hear the voice of God encouraging me. Reminding me of the desire He placed in my heart. Telling me, He’s already provided the way for me.


And so finally, I listened.

I wrote.

And wrote.

And wrote some more.

And with a nervous excitement and anticipation, I’m ready to share it with you.



Who this Book is For…

This is a book for the wife who loves her husband, but sometimes finds herself listening to the voice of negativity, judgment, division, and resentment.

This is a book for the wife who wonders if the bumps in the road will ever smooth out because her mind is flooded with all the reasons why it will not.

This is a book for the wife who is fighting a battle in her mind, where one day she wants to stay, the other, she wants to leave, and constantly finds herself at a crossroads.

This is a book for the wife who has a happy marriage right now, but wants to keep her mind in the right space so that when things fall off track she has a uplifting perspective that encourages and empowers her to ensure with peace and grace.

The book is for the woman aspiring to become a wife and wants to make sure she has the right mindset to be successful when the marriage she’s dreaming of is finally realized.

This is a book for you.

This is a book for me.

This is a book honoring the message that God placed in my heart.

Voices in Your Ear is a devotional, something you can read a little bit of each day to give you the right perspective, a positive frame of mind, and the inspiration and motivation you need to think, respond and act in ways that honor who you are as a child of God and as a wife.

How many times have you thought, “I shouldn’t be so negative, I should calm down, I should give him the benefit of the doubt, I should be more forgiving?”

I know I have.

And some days it felt like an uphill battle.

But when you start to infuse right thinking into a regular part of your day, it becomes so much easier to create and maintain a relationship with your husband that is your greatest source of joy.

In this book, I guide you through ten sections of ten devotionals. At your fingertips will be 100 declarations and affirmations that speak to the heart of what you are going through and how to shift your thinking to create a different reality. Each section refers to a different aspect of your marriage and you will learn how to:

~cultivate clear communication,

~become empowered to change your relationship,

~keep faith and hope alive,

~forgive others and yourself,

~practice patience,

~give thanks for the goodness in your life,

~love yourself, and

~better support your spouse and honor God.

I also includes prayers and scriptures to guide you to your ultimate foundation. With the peace and comfort found in the Lord, you can approach your marriage with new insight and confidence.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this book. I know that it will bless your life and become a resource that you turn to time and time again.


Order Your Copy Here!

Everyone’s been asking, “is it on Amazon?” And YES it is!

BUT, I love connecting with my audience directly and I want you to feel really special. When you order your book from me here on this site, you receive a personally autographed, and gift wrapped copy of the book.

I’ll also be saying a little praying over each book before I mail it out to you. I want to see your mind transformed and your marriage renewed!

I don’t think the Amazon people are doing all of that!


Sharing is caring!! Why not also consider ordering a copy for another married friend (or aspiring to be married friend) who would benefit from an encouraging  word?



Thank you so much for your support! It means more to me than you know!


Want to Meet me at a Voices in Your Ear Event?

I’ll be in DC, North Carolina and New Jersey!

North Carolina: August 5: Voices in Your Ear Book Brunch (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)


DC: September 16: Real Wife Life + Voices in Your Ear Book Signing (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)


New Jersey: December 9: Voices Book Club Empowerment Breakfast (details to be released soon!)