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Why Treating Him is a Gift to Yourself

17 Feb 16
Chavonne Perotte
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Have you ever gone shopping for someone and got so excited about presenting your gift to them?

When you were so sure they would love it, and you could barely wait to see the expression on their face?

The anticipation is sooooo great. You smile just thinking about how you’ll make their day.

It’s a great feeling to give something to someone that makes them happy.

You feel good about yourself.

You’re happy to be part of their joy.

You know you’ve done a good thing.

But sometimes, doubt creeps in.

What if they don’t like it?

What if you don’t get the reaction you expected?

What if you put in all this effort for nothing?

For sure, that’s an uncomfortable feeling.

It’s scary being vulnerable. Putting yourself out there for potential rejection or judgment.

You worry about what they will think, you worry about what they will say to you. And sometimes, that worry and fear keep you from putting yourself out there in the first place.

But being able to give of yourself for the sake of being the essence of who you truly are – love – is always a beautiful thing.

Being able to give for the sake of giving, expecting nothing in return is the highest expression of love.

Being able to give with the confidence that you are doing something out of a genuine desire to please someone else is amazing.

This week’s challenge is all about Treating Him. Showing your husband a small token of your love by offering something you know he will enjoy.

For some of you that may be really easy.

For others, you’re a little hesitant because you are not sure how he will respond.

Do it anyway.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1.We were created to give.

As women, we are natural nurturers and giving to others is inherent in our DNA. When we withhold any part of our natural spirit, or who we were created to be, we experience discomfort. By backing down, we shrink into a smaller version of ourselves and it becomes easy to let things happen to us rather than creating what we want. So give confidently, not for the sake of approval, or praise, but for the sake of knowing you are living your truth.

2. Giving is receiving.

You’ve heard the quote, “It’s better to give than receive.” But why is that? Think back to your best gift-giving experience. The reality, you were excited to share with your loved one. You were happy to think of them and anticipate their preferences. You felt good about putting them first. And while they may have received a material possession, the joy in your own heart was a gift to you. If you can keep that in mind, no matter what their reaction, you win every time.

3. Your gifts come back to you.

I believe in the principal of abundance – that we should give freely, knowing that somehow it will be returned to us, “pressed down, shaken together, and running over” as it’s stated in the Bible. By withholding ourselves and our expressions of love to others, we essentially rob ourselves of receiving those gifts back in our own lives. What we give, creates more room to receive.

So, don’t be held back by fear. Treat your husband to something special this week, and enjoy the gift you are actually giving yourself!

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