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A Relationship UpDate for You…

13 May 15
Chavonne Perotte
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Let’s face it. We know spending quality time with our mate is important. We want to connect. We want to feel close. But time just never seems to be on our side. There’s always something else that has to get done right now. When we get home from work we are too exhausted or are rushing to get dinner ready and the kids off to bed. If we do get a free moment, all we want to do is kick our feet up, watch a little TV and relax because in just a few hours, we have to do it all over again.

I get it.

And at the same time, I see how the busyness of life can slowly creep in and create distance in our relationships. Distance that after a while becomes total disconnection.

At our recent UpDate Couple’s Event, we spent time guiding couples through a fun activity that helped them see the quick and simple ways they do connect with each other, as well as new ideas for how to keep their connection going strong. We got such great feedback that I wanted to share it with you.

It’s called UpDate BINGO. And the premise is simple. Take a look at the activities listed and find the ones you both do on a regular basis – whatever regular looks like for you. If you get BINGO, or UPDATE in this case, you win! Now of course, the most important point is to take a look at the healthy practices you have in place. And I’ll challenge you to select 1 thing you were not able to cross off the list and make it a priority in your relationship this week.

Download it now: UpDate BINGO

If you want to come to the next UpDate, let us know! Email us to be added to the guest list!

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