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In this 21-day program, you will uncover the most effective ways to experience more love, affection and appreciation in your marriage. You’ll learn the tried and true methods for creating a marriage that is happy, loving and fulfilling. Each day, you’ll receive a motivating and engaging mini-lesson as Dr. Chavonne Perotte provides the guidance, tools and action steps needed to improve the way you interact with and respond to your husband. By the end of the program you should experience a more loving relationship, less tension and a closer connection with your husband.

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Communication Breakthrough


This 4-part Communication Workshop Series will give you the tools, strategies and skills you need to finally improve the communication with your husband. Learn the proven ways and words to say that will get your husband to listen and understand you. Uncover the secrets that really work to avoid unnecessary arguments and get the techniques to help you recover more quickly when misunderstandings arise. These are the exact methods used to help couples reduce arguments by up to 50%.

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Get Your Husband to Listen: 5 Keys to Getting Him to Pay Attention, Hear and Truly Understand You


Learn the exact methods and words to say so that your husband finally listens attentively when you are speaking to him! In this powerful workshop Dr. Chavonne Perotte breaks down the 3 most important things to keep in mind when communicating with your husband so that you feel heard, understood and acknowledged. Learn the proven communication techniques so that he can understand your perspective. No longer do you need to feel ignored and misunderstood. Get this workshop and learn the secrets to getting your husband to listen.

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3 Keys to Communicating with Your Husband


In this informative panel discussion, Dr. Chavonne Perotte discusses the most common communication issues for couples with real married men. This lively conversation reveals what every wife needs to know in order to better communicate in a way her husband understand and responds to positively. Filled with practical tips and guidance you can use right away, learn the best ways to approach conversations, prevent arguments, and make your needs known so that you get the results you want!

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Communication Upgrade Bundle


Upgrade your communication with two powerful workshops: Get Your Husband to Listen and 3 Keys to Communicating with Your Husband. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance and learn new techniques to take your communication from “missing the boat” to “smooth sailing”.

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