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Why Not Wednesday #94

18 Oct 17
Chavonne Perotte
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Why Not Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, let’s go!

WNW #94: Just ask. 

Often, when my daughter Madison is trying to do something, and it’s not working out, she starts to cry.

Her efforts to put the legos together, or get the doll to sit upright, or to get the stickers to actually stick is a source of frustration and disappointment when it’s not going the way she intended.

And she starts to wail.

Whenever she has these outbursts, I calmly say to her, “You don’t have to cry. Ask mommy for help. I will help you. Bring it to me.”

And when she does bring it to me, I easily fix whatever is going wrong.
It actually brings be pleasure to be able to solve her problems. To give her what she wants, and to see a smile come across her face when I do so. That precious voices saying “thank you mommy” melts my heart each and every time.

Yesterday, as I was crying in the bathroom (yes, this is what I do sometimes), praying for God to fix something for me, He reminded me of the very words I say to my own daughter. “You don’t have to cry Chavonne. Bring it to me. I’ll take care of it.”

And I stopped crying.

What I’m asking Him for is so easy for Him to deliver.

My problem is that my patience wanes and I being to try to make it happen on my own. But I realized that God moves faster when we get out of the way. And the way He works it out is SOOOO much better than anything we could have thought of.

So I’m getting out of the way, and I’m getting more into his presence.
There’s so much more ease and peace there.

What about you?

What do you need to bring to God today?
What have you been crying about that He’s now telling you to dry your eyes?

Take it to him. Leave it in His hands. And do nothing but watch him fix it.
Get out of the way, and get more into His presence.

Why not clear your mind of the hows, and get ready for God’s wows.*

Be still and get connected to the source of EVERYTHING you could ever need in your life.

Do you know HOW to do that?
Do you want to have an experience that allows you to do MORE of that?

I’ve got some ideas. Just hit reply and say “tell me more Chavonne” and you’ll hear all about a special opportunity I’ve created for you.

Until next time,


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*That sentiment is actually from an awesome book I’m reading, so I can’t take full credit for it! LOL! 

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