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Let the Music Play

10 Feb 16
Chavonne Perotte
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Are you a hopeless romantic?

You know, the type who loves movies like The Notebook.

Your perfect Sunday afternoon involves watching the latest love story on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel. You are a sucker for the lines and the way the man looks at the woman with such love and adoration.

It just melts your heart.

If so (and even if not) this week’s challenge is sure to pull at your heart strings.

It’s all about Finding Your Love Song.

And the reason is simple.

Music has power!

A great song can make us dance out of nowhere.

It can make us sing to the top of our lungs.

It can give us hope and courage that we’ll make it though.

And a good song can take us to a place of deep love.

So no matter where you are currently in your marriage, find a song that can take you to that place.

Listen to the words and allow yourself to feel their power. Close your eyes and think loving thoughts towards your husband.

Imagine singing those words to him, or he singing those words to you.

Allow yourself to dream off into a fantasy land of pure romance. The kind you only see in movies and read about in books. Imagine that that kind of love is possible for you and that it is what you have.

Here’s 3 things that happen when you listen to music, and in this case, your love song.

1. Music actually stimulates parts of the brain.

Research has shown that at least 10 different parts of the brain are affected by music. Listening to a love song can instantly put you in a good mood. It can make you feel happy, grateful, loving and joyful by directly impacting certain centers of the brain.

2. Music evokes memories.

If you’ve selected a song from a previous time in your relationship, you’ll find that pretty quickly you are transported back to that time. You can remember the special moment or moments when that song was played. What you were feeling at the time, and hopefully how you felt about each other. And maybe this song can help reinforce last week’s challenge, to take that trip down memory lane.

3. Music affects your body.

Aside from making you tap your feet and snap your fingers, music can affect your heart rate, reduce stress and anxiety. It literally can calm your nerves, and help release those endorphins!

So get that song, or your entire playlist together, and turn the music up!!!

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