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5 Questions That Will Change How You See Your Mate

24 Jun 15
Chavonne Perotte
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OK, be honest with me.

Have you ever asked yourself ANY of the following questions:

Why does he always do that?

What in the world was he thinking?

Why can’t he just do the one thing I ask?

What will it take to make him change?

Why can’t he just do his part?

It’s ok if you have.

In a moment of frustration, anger or disappointment, it’s easy to ask yourself these types of questions. And the wonderful things about our mind is, it will come up with great answers.

Because he is stubborn.

He was only thinking about himself.

Because he doesn’t care about what you need.

It will take a miracle for him to change.

Because he’s selfish.

These questions and the answers that follow have the power to dramatically influence the way we begin to see our mate. They fuel our upset, help us justify our position, making him wrong and ourselves right. And sometimes, it feels good. We vent, and complain, and get really comfortable at our pity party where he’s doing everything wrong, and we are the blameless victims of his inappropriate behavior.

I’ve done it many times before and so have my clients.

But I’ve learned that there are other questions I could ask that actually make me feel a whole lot better. Questions that help to remind me of the person I love most, why I chose him over all the others and why he is my very best friend in the world.

If you are in a place of seeing your husband as your enemy instead of the love of your life, ask yourself these 5 questions and observe how your perspective changes.

What quality about him that I loved when we first met, is still true today?

What’s something he does better than anyone else I know?

What’s something he does for me or our family that I’ve started to take for granted?

What’s something I’ve grown to appreciate about him more and more?

What’s a strength he has that compliments one of my weaknesses?

These questions, considered Empowering Questions, can really set your mind to focus on the positive, to find something worth being grateful for even in really difficult moments. And just as you’ve trained yourself to ask the questions listed at the beginning of this post, you can train yourself to ask these new questions.

It just takes practice.

If you’re interested in more, check out my 21 Days of Empowering Questions. Each morning, you can start your day with one of these questions and begin to see your husband as the wonderful person you first fell in love with.

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